Asian & South Asian Services

Serving All Faiths



Our funeral home  has a strong relationship with the Korean, Chinese and Indian families that we serve. Whether these families are Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Christian, Protestant or other spiritual practices, we can assist you in understanding the choices and customizing your service. We understand cultural funeral traditions vary, depending on where your family is from. 

 For example, many of our Korean families prefer a visitation either at their church or at our funeral home followed by a prayer service and burial. 

Hindu & Sikh families usually have a brief visitation followed by services usually lead by a Pundit, then final funeral rites at the crematory, Buddhists often choose cremation, and Buddhist services can include an altar for friends and family to present offerings of candles, incense, flowers and fruit. Often Filipino funerals include a public visitation at the funeral home. Dress code and symbolism will vary within your faiths. Viewings, vigils and wakes are options, as well as open or closed caskets, or urns after cremation. Even if you do not have a religious leader, our experience and relationships will allow us to connect you with Clergy that can meet your particular needs. Whether the service is traditional or non-traditional, we are prepared to help you choose the most meaningful practices for your service, to honor your heritage, while providing compassionate care to you and your family.